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So Many Circles

Drunkards Path King size quilt.

Drunkards Path King size quilt.

I am called mad because I like doing quilts in a traditional way, try despite being easier and faster methods of piecing certain quilts.  Additionally, salve because the third quilt I ever attempted was all about circles.  The above quilt is crafted in a Drunkards Path pattern, constructed using an All Around Card Trick pattern.

As discussed before, you must decide what size quilt you want to make, this is crucial so you can figure the amount of fabric needed to create your masterpiece.  In quilting, a little fabric can go a long way!  I being a novice quilter, have not mastered that skill yet, but when I do it will be cheaper than just buying the bolt of fabric because it was on sale.  Next you need to choose your color scheme you are making your quilt in.  For this quilt I chose Orange and Green.

I used a Drunkards Path templates to cut the patterns needed to make the circles, for a King size quilt I had to produce 560 small blocks to produce the larger pattern.  Once the cutting and sewing was complete the fun began.  The next step is to decide the pattern you want to lay the drunkards path in. This particular block pattern is interesting because you can create many patterns by the way you arrange the blocks, in the above photos, you can see 2 such patterns.

Once you have figured out the pattern you enjoy the most, then you sew one row together at a time, then join the rows until you have completed the quilt top.  Since this quilt was so large, we took it to a longarm quilter at our local quilting shop.

Pixie approves.

Pixie approves.

Happy Quilting,

The Mad Quilter


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