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One Block Wonder

one block wonder
One Block Wonder


This quilt pattern is an easy one for a beginning quilter because it only requires a single piece of fabric.  This quilt is a One Block Wonder, tadalafil and was a challenge quilt  I made using the guidelines in the book: One-Block Wonders: One Fabric, viagra One Shape, One-of-a-kind Quilts. To make this quilt you should choose a fabric with nice color contrasts, but not too many colors, and whose pattern is large and repeating throughout the fabric.  Additionally you will need a cutting board, fabric rulers, rotary cutters, and triangle ruler and fly pins.

You must decide what size quilt you want to make when picking out the fabric.  On average 4 1/2 to 5 yards will make throw quilt up to a twin size, and 9 to 10 yards for a Queen size or larger but this will depend greatly on how far apart the fabric pattern repeats.

After you cut your fabric based on the repeat pattern, you need to stack 6 to 8 layers of the fabric (depending if you wish to make a hexagon or an octagon pattern) and pin it with fly pins to hold the fabric in place.  This is something you want to do slowly, and verify that each layer design matches completely with the one below.  Once you have the fabric stacked and pinned, you will cut the pieces into 3 3/4 inch strips, make sure to pin each length of fabric on the ends and you keep the cut strips neatly stacked.

Once you have completed cutting the fabric into strips, you will then cut out 3 3/4 inch triangle stacks.  One stack of triangles will make up a single block, transforming your fabric pattern into a kaleidoscope effect.  You will sew three triangle pieces together to make up half of the hexagon block and repeat this until all the material is sewn.  Next using a quilting board, you should place you blocks and arrange it into the new pattern making sure the material flows smoothly from one block to the next throughout the entire quilt.

Once you have decided on the pattern, you sew together one row at a time, then sew each row together to make your completed design.

Below are the images showing each step.

Happy Quilting,

The Mad Quilter!