Double Wedding Ring

Double Wedding Ring: sewing arcs to the melons

Double Wedding Ring Melons
Double Wedding Ring Melons


The next step in the Double Wedding Ring, ambulance is sewing the arcs to the small melons.  There are many ways to do this.  First you can pin the arcs to the melons, medical however that can take a lot of time, prostate especially if you are making a king size quilt.  Another option, using the template, you can make the fabrics to make sure things line up.  Thirdly, the method I like, is find the center of the melon and of the arc, and pin the fabrics there.  Afterwards I just align the end pieces and slowly feed it through the machine ensuring both ends match.

Once I get pictures take of the arcs and melons sewn together I will post them here for all to see.

Until then Happy Quilting! 🙂

Mad Quilter

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