Double Wedding Ring Four Patch Corner Pieces

Four Patch Corner Piece

Four Patch Corner Piece


The next step of the Double Wedding Ring is adding the Four Patch Corner Piece.  For this piece you need two contrasting colors and cut the required amount of pieces.  For the quilt I am making that is 101 inch x 101 inch,  it requires 144 pieces of each color.  Next you will sew the ends to both sides of half the arcs being used, once again for the quilt I am making it is sewn to 144 of the arcs.  Now it does not matter which end you sew the pieces to, as long as all the pieces are sewn the same way.  Once you finish the Four Patch Corner pieces, the next steps is to cut the melons and sew the arcs together; but more on that tomorrow.

Finished Arc Pieces

Finished Arc Pieces

Don’t forget to press the Four Patch Corner pieces in the same fashion that you did the arcs.

Until Next Time, Happy Quilting!

Mad Quilter


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