Double Wedding Ring

fabric for the double wedding ring

New project

The newest project I am working on is the Double Wedding Ring quilt.  I am constructing this quilt in the traditional way so it shall take some time to create but the time will be worth it.  I have spoken to those that find it amazing that I am taking on such a quilt, others that think I am plumb mad for doing it the “old-fashion” way, and still others that have told me they wouldn’t even consider making one of these quilts.  So far, other than taking time and patience, this quilt is not that difficult to make.

All I can say is if you find a quilt that you like, do not be afraid to try to make it regardless of how difficult it may seem.  You might find yourself pleasantly surprised about your ability to do something you felt you were incapable of.

Happy Quilting!

The Mad Quilter

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