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coffee quilt

Coffee Quilt

The picture above shows the second quilt top I created.  I adapted a pattern called Nature Rhythms located here to created this quilt.  I enjoyed learning with this pattern because it introduced several aspects of quilting. When I first looked at the drawn image, cheap I had to learn to visualize each block, online instead of the full quilt.  Next, since the pattern pieces were larger than the required, I had to recalculate the fabric requirements and sizes to produce the desired block sizes.  Finally, I had to learn patience on piecing a quilt like this together.  In all, this quilt took about three days to make.

Before the cutting began!

Before the cutting began!

The fabric choices make the quilt most interesting.  You may have heard the saying: “You cannot see the forest through the trees” but when it comes to quilting sometimes you become so hung up on the fabric, “You cannot see the Quilt through the fabric”.  Because of this, it is important when planning a quilt that you decide on what you want to make first, then choose what color scheme you wish to use.  Once you have done this, then select your fabric while keeping the completed pattern in mind.

Happy Quilting,
The Mad Quilter

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